De la grabación Todas mis Sangres

Letra & música: Ilyari Derks Bustamante
Arreglo: Ilyari D. B.
Voz: Ilyari D. B.
Guitarra: Constantin Broodthaers & Ilyari D. B.


Jhonny Snakes
human beast hunting joy
left out the door
raised up by wolves
oh boy
go boy

cause nothing really matters
no goals
silver shining bullet
shooting snow
his frozen show
even devils dance it slow

I wear the feeling
Yes, I’ve got the swing
moving, shaking snaking
bling bling bling
my blood is cold virgin
and everybody body
can wear it
snake skin

all hackers of brain
pirates surfing
seeking flame
ok we play the game
gonna drive insane
gonna gonna gonna pass the chain
dancing the limbo
disprogram crane
sensations rain rain
conscience we gain gain
sensations rain rain
conscience we gain gain